Malaga Smart City


Smart city facility at Malaga Council

The Smart City Malaga Project was launched by Endesa and covers 4 square km in the area of the Playa de la Misericordia and includes 11,000 domestic customers and 1,200 industrial and service customers.
The Smart City Malaga Project works on "Smart Grids". It was the first real smart grid pilot project aiming at searching the optimal integration of different renewable energies into the power grid while bringing the generation closer to the consumers. This is done through the establishment of a new energy resource management distribution for electrical microgeneration, as well as incorporating the end users as an essential element of the intelligent management system. Storage systems managed in batteries help the incorporation of the renewable energy.
It involves many interesting subjects, for example the use of new smart meters in the context of the remote management system enables a much more sustainable electricity consumption, as well as the installation of advanced telecommunications systems and remote controls.
The team, lead by ENDESA, is formed by such important industry leaders as Enel, Acciona, IBM, Sadiel, Ormazábal, Neo Metrics, Isotrol, Telvent, Ingeteam y Greenpower. National and International Universities and Reserch Centers have also supported this project. We visited the experimental center of other international projects, such as the Green e-Motion or Zem2All e-mobility project.

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