Bialystok: Model house made of clay and straw

EARTH – HEART Natural Building

Inspired by Nature we are touching the essence of genius
Natural Building is both an inspiration and cooperation with possibilities given us by the Nature. Lurking the nature's solutions we are trying to understand and improve our world. EARTH – HEART Natural Building is created by a group of people fascinated by the opportunities that straw-bale houses and clay-based plasters bring into our lives. Nowadays, incorporation of natural and sustainable building methods into our reality is more than a need. Carrying the EARTH's wellness deeply in our HEART we actively contribute to the process of redesigning and rebuilding our world NOW.
~ Clay based plasters ~
Natural clay plasters provide a durable, smooth and soft finishing touch to your home. Clay is a practical, environmentally friendly material that is especially suitable as coverings for breathable straw bale walls, but can also be applied over most of the substrates used in construction. Clay is completely non-toxic. Technically, you could eat it however it wouldn't taste good. Clay has a natural capacity to regulate moisture and temperature in the surrounding air. Materials can be easy found on the building site, making the ingredients dirt cheap... literally. Clay neutralizes the emission of harmful substances contained in building materials as well as cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odours. Clay – based plasters are resistant to mold and fungus and have good acoustic properties. Techniques for mixing and applying are simple and the plaster is extremely forgiving, even for beginners of any age.
~ Straw-bale houses ~
Straw-bale houses provide a “green” alternative to traditional building methods. They can be built as durable and well performing structures. Compressed straw has very good thermal conductivity as well as an excellent heat transmit coefficient. Straw-bale construction offers high insulation value. Despite what might seem logical, straw-bale houses have roughly three times the fire resistance of conventional homes. Dense bales mean limited oxygen which in turn means no flames. Straw-bale walls provide excellent sound insulation and are superior wall systems for home owners looking to block out the sounds of traffic or airplanes in urban environments. Building with straw helps the planet in many ways. For example, straw is a waste product that is either burned or composted in standing water. By using straw instead of eliminating it, we reduce either air pollution or water consumption, both of which impact the environment in general. Building walls with straw bales can be accomplished with unskilled labor, and the low costs of the bales make this technique economically attractive. Straw as a structural element and building insulation combined with clay-based plaster and well-designed heating system creates an interior microclimate that is cosy, healthy and suitable even for the most sensitive allergy sufferers.


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